Caring for Your Cardiovascular Health

Caring for Your Cardiovascular Health


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Ph: 972 972 4252

Fax: 877 277 3002

Dr. Shafiq​

MD FACC Cardiology & Hypertension

Beau Muhlbach​




About Us​

Dallas Cardiology is dedicated to delivering top-notch cardiovascular disease prevention and treatment services to the local community.

Our primary objective is to provide medically advanced and scientifically up-to-date care that is both compassionate and cost-effective.

Our focus is to keep our patients informed about their medical conditions and diagnosis, and we strive to explain their diagnoses and treatment options in clear and understandable terms.

We aim to empower our patients by involving them in the healthcare decision-making process so that they can make confident and informed choices about their health. Our goal is to help our patients understand their heart and body better. 

Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our experienced cardiologists.

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Why Choose Us​

Expertise In a Health​ Diagnosis Of Heart Conditions​
Specialized Treatment Options​
Preventive Care​